Male or Female caregivers or nurses

Brain disease , senior care , alzheimer

In the nursing or caregiving world, more and more male nurses and caregivers are available. The advantage of women over men in the area of caregiving includes that motherly care and service that makes the client feel like being taken cared for by their own mothers or that they feel  more secured and safe.

Women tend to do more than caring. We massage our client’s ailing bodies and provide many encouragements and listened to their stories. We wipe their tears, hug them and most of all we empathize more.

There are also many male nurses and caregivers who empathize well. But the brain of women are wired for mothering and to serve others. In the caregiving world, we prepare and cook their meals, sometimes we spoon fed our clients and are so patient to wait for them slowly chewing their food. We play with them and massaged their bodies to…

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