How to replace our anti-hypertensive medication


Seek a naturopathic doctor. You can start by lowering the dosage of your meds and stay with whole foods, less processed and add potassium salt instead of ordinary salt. Air pollution, toxic chemicals/foods and lack of sleep can affect heart and vascular health. Deep breathing and other calming exercise can help.


Drug-Free Strategies to Lower Your Blood Pressure – Dr. Mercola

Nov 30, 2016 – The easiest way to do that is to replace processed foods with real, whole foods. …. Atyour next doctor’s visit, ask to have your blood pressure checked in both arms. … “For all persons withhypertensionthe potential benefits of a healthy diet, weight control and regular exercise cannot be overemphasized.

Blood Pressure Drugs May Backfire On You – Dr. Mercola

Mar 9, 2013 – By DrMercolaHypertension is dangerous if uncontrolled, increasing your risk for…

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